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Social Distancing Policies & Guidelines for Group and Aqua Fitness*

  • Group Fitness, Aqua Fitness & Cycle Classes are limited to 14 participants + 1 instructor per class. In cycling classes, participants are required to keep at least 1 bike between themselves and other members. The Group Fitness Studio floor has been marked with where participants should stand to stay in compliance with social distancing measures. There are blue chalk lines on the outside of the pool edges to designate social distancing guidelines for Aqua Fitness.


  • You may reserve a space in class for yourself up to 24 hours in advance by calling (770) 385-8550. Up to (2) classes may be reserved at a time. Walk-ins are also welcome, and spaces will be available first come, first serve.


  • You must pick up a class card at the front desk before each class. Class cards not picked up at the front desk will be given to the next participant on the waiting list 5 minutes after the class has started.


  • Classes highlighted in YELLOW on our attached schedule will be available via zoom in addition to in person. 


*These policies and guidelines are in compliance with Governor Kemp's Executive Order on May 12, 2020, and are effective May 14, 2020.*

Group Fitness Class Descriptions


20X3 classes provide an exciting, challenging mix of cardio training with sculpting/ toning . Instructor may choose step aerobics, sports conditioning, POUND, or even cardio dance as options for cardio and then offer sculpting with weights, mat Pilates or barre. Varying the workout by providing 20 minutes of each format is guaranteed to take the boredom out of your workout! (60 minutes)


Barre is a great way to increase strength and build long, lean muscles. This class uses lighter weights with high reps to build strength for the whole body. Barre work is based in Pilates, Ballet, & Yoga. This class is done in bare feet and does include mat work.  (50-55 minutes)

BODYPUMP is the fastest way in the universe to get in shape! BODYPUMP® is the original pre­-choreographed barbell class that focuses on strength and endurance in which music and muscle collide!   It is low on complexity but high on fun! BODYPUMP® has the benefits of traditional weight lifting combined with time efficiency and predictability . BODYPUMP is great for "EVERY BODY". (60 minutes) 

*BodyPump Express classes are 45 minutes. 


Bootcamp is a 45 minute interval training class that pushes you through drills to strengthen  and condition your body. FUNctional training is emphasized using your own body weight. Weights may be  used to overload the muscles. Exercises/drills challenge  fast and slow twitch muscles.  Exercises are low in complexity, but are designed to  bring out the athlete in You! (45  minutes)


Cycling is a great cardio, fat-burning workout on an indoor stationary bike. Indoor cycling is great for beginners as well as for elite athletes because you control the intensity as you cycle flat road, rolling hills, and killer hills. It is the most FUN you will have on a bike! Cycling studio is upstairs. The bikes feature individual computer consoles to give you immediate feedback regarding your RPMs, gear, time and power. {45-60 minutes)


Fitness Gold is ideal for members desiring a low-impact cardio workout combined with strength and stretching. Chairs are used for support and balance. Hand held weights, small balls, and tubing are used  for resistance training. The class consists of FUN, easy-to-follow movements to increase cardiovascular fitness, muscular endurance, balance, and flexibility . Great for novices and senior adults. {45 minutes)


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) This workout is high on FUN and simple ATHLETIC moves, low on complexity. Benefits include increases in calorie and fat burning and increases in metabolism so you burn more calories throughout the day. (45 minutes)


Line Dance classes will get you moving and toe-tapping as you learn low-impact line dances with others. Great for senior adults and novices. Low in complexity, but high in FUN!! {45 minutes)


Pilates is a progressive form of integrative functional training utilizing your "core" muscles  to  improve and increase overall strength , flexibility and balance. The emphasis is on developing long lean muscles. Rings, soft balls and tubing may be used to enhance the  workout. (45 minutes)


Tai Chi for Health is a mind/body/spirit class based on the unique martial art that originated In China and has been practiced for  hundreds of years. Tai Chi emphasizes balance training, coordination , strength, and breathing techniques that have been scientifically proven to reduce pain, reduce need for medication, decrease incidence of falls, increase strength, and improve breathing, as well as helping to create a sense of  well-being. Options are provided for all levels. (45 minutes)


Yoga classes enhance your flexibility, strength and mental well-being-all important yet often overlooked areas of fitness. Take time out for YOU! You deserve it! (45 minutes)


ZUMBA® "exercise in disguise" is a cardio-latin dance class that is FUN and easy to follow . Reap cardiovascular, calorie and fat burning and toning benefits while having  a  party  with  others!  (60 minutes)


Aqua Fitness Classes: (No Swimming ability required-FUN provided!)


Aqua Gold classes use the properties of water resistance to get in shape while minimizing the impact of joints and back. Aqua classes are of moderate intensity and improve strength, mobility, flexibility, and endurance. These classes are great for all, but especially great for senior adults, those with arthritis , novices,  and desiring a lower impact workout. (45  minutes)


Waterworks aqua fitness classes are of moderate intensity that use the properties of water resistance to get in shape while minimizing impact to joints and back. Waterworks is great for all, but especially for senior adults, novices and those desiring a lower impact workout. (Aquabells and noodles may be used to enhance the workout (45-60 minutes)


PowerSplash classes are high-energy aqua fitness classes designed for all ages, skill and fitness levels. This class challenges you with powerful, invigorating movements through the water. Modifications are provided. Aqua bell are used to  enhance strength training. (60 minutes)


Agua Zumba is classic aqua aerobics with Latin flavor added. You perform large muscle movements by reaching your arms and lifting your legs in the water, as well as circling your hips and shoulders.

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