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5 Benefits of Group Fitness Classes

Check out these 5 benefits of group fitness, and then check out the schedule on our website to find your next class!

1. Motivation & inspiration. A great fitness instructor will energize you and inspire you to achieve your goals! Even if you’re not feeling working out, the energy of a group fitness class is contagious.

2. Proper form & Injury prevention. In a group fitness setting, you receive coaching on form and proper body alignment. Your instructor will also tell you what muscle groups you’re working and offer modifications when needed.

3. Join a “Fit Fam” community. Surrounding yourself with like-minded, health conscious people is a wonderful way to stay committed to your fitness & wellness goals. The friends you make in class will also keep you coming back every week because exercise will not only be for your health, but also a social event! Plus, you’ll have people to commiserate with when your instructor gets a little crazy!

4. Keeps your workouts fresh so you’re never bored! From 1,2 Step to BodyPump to yoga to barre, there is no reason to ever get stuck in a rut with group fitness! Plan your week to include a mix of cardio & strength based classes for the best results. Take 3-5 classes per week, and you’ll REALLY start to see and feel results!

5. Accountability. We may not take roll in our classes, but we do notice when you miss class AND if you miss too often, you may get a message from us or even someone in your class because we’re worried about you. When you join a class, you join a team of people fighting for their dreams who will also encourage you to fight for your own! That positivity and encouragement will motivate you to make your classes each week a priority!

SO, what class are taking next? Give us a call 24 hours in advance to save your spot!

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