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5 Do's & Don'ts of Cycling

“It’s just like riding a bike.”

It may sound silly, but have you ever wondered if you’re riding the bike right in your cycling classes? Even though many of us learned how to ride a bicycle as children, indoor cycling bikes are a little different! Here are 5 Do’s and Don’ts to get a better workout in cycling!

1. Do be punctual for class. Arriving even a minute or two early will give you enough time to properly set up your bike for class and mentally prepare for an awesome workout.

2. Do listen to your instructor, and ask for help when you need it! Your instructor is the expert in that class. Let them do the thinking for you, and follow their lead for your workout. Not sure how to set up your bike? Ask your instructor for help!

3. Do hydrate. Bring your water bottle, and make sure to sip it during class. Pro tip: drink plenty of water before AND after your class to avoid dehydration.

4. Do lose the electronics. If you can, let cycling be your time to unplug. When it’s dark in the room and the music is playing, allow yourself a break from your thoughts and focus only on the ride.

5. Do have fun! Cycling classes are made to be a blast! You get crazy good music, an energetic instructor, and an awesome group people all at the same time! Let the energy infect you with positive vibes only!

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