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Are you drinking enough water? 3 Ways to drink more H2O.

Water. It's so easy to not drink enough, and end up feeling crummy from dehydration. Here are 3 ways to drink a little more water every day!

1. Are you familiar with the 8X8 rule? We typically hear that we need to drink 8 8-ounce glasses of water everyday to stay hydrated. That’s actually the minimum that we should be drinking. For people who are physically active AND who live in a humid environment, more water is needed to keep you hydrated. To achieve this, pack your plate with veggies and get the water you need from your diet!

2. Not the biggest water fan? Try freezing your fruit! Watermelon, grapes, ad cantaloupe all taste awesome when frozen, and you’ll feel like you’re eating a popsicle treat! You can also try adding sliced lemons and lime to your water to make it taste better, or even having a seltzer water every now & then.

3. Do you struggle to remember to drink your water? Try drinking water on a schedule. Drink water when you first wake up, eat breakfast, eat lunch, and eat dinner.

Bonus Tip: Kick your next social event off with a bottle of water instead of a beer or cocktail, and then drink water before having any other alcoholic beverages. Your body will stay hydrated better, and you’ll be less likely to overeat because the water will help you to feel full!

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