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Have a Happy AND Healthy Thanksgiving!

Hey there! Thanksgiving is almost here, and we want you to have a healthy & happy Thanksgiving this year! Did you know that the average American tends to eat 4,500 calories and 229 grams on fat on Thanksgiving Day? To put this number into perspective, it is recommended by experts that men consume 2,000 - 3,000 calories per day, and that women consume 1,600 - 2,400 calories per day. The reason we tend to hit such a high caloric numbers on Thanksgiving Day is that we are typically eating rich foods that can be loaded with sugar, butter, and salt. Read on for ways to lighten up your Thanksgiving feasting, and for some ways to stay active on Thanksgiving Day!

1. Cut calories by swapping a few food choices without sacrificing flavor.

Swap out dark meat turkey for turkey breast and cut 50 calories.

Swap out traditional sweet potato casserole for a small baked sweet potato and save 106 calories.

Lighten up your mashed potatoes by using 2% milk, nonfat plain Greek yogurt, and 3 TBSP butter to save at least 108 calories.

Choose Pumpkin Pie over Pecan, and save over 300 calories!

More substitutions like this are easy find! Get more ideas by Googling "Way to Cut Calories on Thanksgiving."

2. Burn a few extra calories with these activities:

Cornhole: 60 minutes of continuous cornhole can burn 180 calories! Burn even more calories by doing a victory dance for every point!

Walking: You can burn 50 calories per 10 minutes of walking. Grab the fam, and take a few short walks together!

Get up during every commercial break, and take a lap around the house.

Help with the Thanksgiving clean up - your host will love you for this one!

Watching football? Do a standing victory dance for every touchdown & field goal!

3. Skip the booze. Alcohol is loaded with empty calories. Drink water instead, and you'll cut calories as well as feel fuller - which could lead to less overeating. If you do choose to partake, choose a light beer over a full calorie beer. If drinking wine, make your drink a spritzer by doing half wine, half club soda.

4. Eat before the feast. It's easy to overeat when you're starving. Make sure to eat healthy foods before you go, so you're less likely to overfill your plate when you get there. When you do fill your plate, fill it with at least HALF fruits & vegetables!

We hope these tips help you to have a happy & healthy Thanksgiving! We do have our Black Friday deals for a just a little bit longer, so don't miss out on this chance to get in your best shape!

Yours in Fitness & Wellness,

The Alcovy Fitness Team

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