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What to Expect from your 1st Barre Class

Never taken a Barre class before? Here’s what you can expect in your first class:

- Barre classes are Pilates based which means that you will get a deep core workout as well as work smaller, deeper muscle groups. You will work both standing up at the barre and on the floor on a mat.

- Barre classes differ from Pilates in that you do more repetitions of each movement. The movements you do will also include more tiny pulses to fire the muscles. Expect to get a full body strength training workout in barre, that leaves your muscles completely spent - in a good way!

- Barre classes are typically done in bare feet or in socks that have sticky treading on the bottom. You should avoid wearing normal socks for this class, as those can create a slipping hazard.

- Barre classes use light weights, typically 1-4 lbs for all weight work. You’ll also use tools like gliders, Pilates rings, tubing and others in addition to your own body weight for the workout.

- Finally, barre should be super fun AND super hard! You’ll leave with legs feeling like jell-o or as AFW barre instructor Liz likes to say “Bambi on ice,” but we promise that it will be totally worth it!

We hope to “see you at the barre” soon!

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